Chillicothe Police Report

The Chillicothe Police Report for Tuesday included several investigations.  The police department also handle paper service for the delivery of summons.  Other items in the report include:

At about11:30 am, Officers responded to possible harassment in the 1200 block of N. Washington St.

At 12:40 pm, Officers attempted to serve a warrant in the 100 block of Crescent Dr.

At 12:50 pm, Officers attempted to serve a warrant in the 2900 block of Polk St.

At 2:40 pm, Officers were dispatched to the 600 block of J.F.K. Ave for a possible missing person.  Officers were able to make contact with the person, who was not missing.

At 4:15 pm, Officers took a report of stealing in the 200 block of S. Washington St.

And at 4:30 pm, Officers were called for possible stealing in the 1200 block of Springhill St.

At 11:15 pm, Officers took a noise complaint in the 1000 block of McNally St.  Officers made contact with the person who agreed to stop running the vacuum at that time of night.

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