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Department Of Corrections Supporting Consolidation

The announcement by Governor Mike Parson this week of plans to close the Cross Roads Correction Center in Cameron has been met with acceptance by the Missouri Department of Corrections.  In a press release, the Director of Communications for the Corrections Department, Karen Pojmann, says “The department plans to consolidate Crossroads Correctional Center and Western Missouri Correctional Center. The plan calls for moving Crossroads workers to Western and other understaffed facilities nearby and investing the savings in wage increases for all 11,232 corrections employees.

The department noted a recent statewide decrease in the prison population puts them in a position to consolidate two of our 21 adult institutions without causing crowding in other facilities.   The move is expected to provide:

  • The biggest pay increase in the department’s history.
  • There will be no employee layoffs in this process.
  • The changes will improve staffing levels statewide and help ensure safety.
  • This will not require offender releases.
  • No other prison consolidations are planned.
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