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Postal Rates Go UP Sunday!

The price increase at the post office, approved by congress last November, goes into effect Sunday, January 27th.  For most people they will notice the cost of a stamp for a first class letter will go from 50 cents to 55 cents.  The US Postal Service says that stamp is good for up to one ounce.

For each additional ounce, the price will actually go DOWN.  The current rate is 21 cents per additional ounce.  The new rate is 15 cents for each additional ounce.

If you mail postcards, the cost will remain the same, 35 cents.

For the flat rate priority packages, most of the rates have increased about 9.7%.  For instance, the Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box went from $7.20 to $7.90.

If you have Forever Stamps purchased before Sunday at the 50 cent per stamp rate, they will be good for mailing items despite the increase.  If you were to purchase 100 stamps this week at the current rate, it would cost $50.  After the 27th, that same 100 stamps will cost $55.