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Street Department Stretching Winter Supplies

The Chillicothe Street Department has been working to keep up with the slick road conditions and are starting to see the bottom of their piles of supplies.  Street Superintendent Jeff Gillespie says they currently have enough sand and salt to handle four more events.  He says to supplement those piles, they are also using some of the cinders from the old Chillicothe coal fired power plant.  He says those cinders have a darker color and work well with the sun to begin some of the melting on the city streets.

The Chillicothe street crews have been coming in early in the morning.  Gillespie says they are starting their day at about 4:00 am and trying to work on the main routes before most of the morning traffic begins.

The Chillicothe Street Department is working to conserve as much of their supply as possible while trying to keep the roads safe.  Gillespie says when they run out of sand and salt, there is none that can be brought in.  He says even the State is having problems as they are running low on their sand and salt supplies.