Chillicothe Police Report For The Weekend

Chillicothe police responded to nearly 120 calls for service over the weekend, including parking complaints and weather related calls.


12:40 pm, Officers responded to a report of property damage to a park bench at Gravesville Park. Officers identified the Juvenile suspect. The juvenile and his father agreed to repair the damage.


3:30pm, Officers took a walk-in report at the Police Department of an incident of possible child abuse/neglect. The incident remains under investigation and the child has been placed temporarily with another family member until the investigation is complete.


5:25 pm, Officers investigated a two vehicle crash at Washington and Green Street. No one was injured and one driver was cited for failure to yield.


2:15 am, Officers responded to an alarm in the 1000 block of Washington. The alarm was determined to be weather related.


8:00 am, Officers were dispatched to a report of a road sign in the roadway at Mitchell Ave. and US 36.  Officers removed the sign and contacted the State Highway Department. The sign was apparently damaged from the high wind.


10:30 am, Officers responded to repeated 911 calls made by a child.  Officers have been called to the same residence numerous times. The parents received Municipal Citations as they had been warned several times.


10:40 am, Housekeeping at a local motel found an illegal substance left in a room after the occupants had checked out. Officers recovered a small amount of marijuana.


11:05 am, Officers were dispatched to the Washington Street overpass in reference to a dog on the bridge. Officers were able to catch the dog and transport him to the animal shelter.


12:05 pm, Officers responded with the Livingston County Children’s Division to a Hotline report of possible child abuse/neglect in the 1200 block of Jamison Street and the 1400 block of Bryan Street. The incident remains under investigation.


3:20 pm, A report of a suspicious person in the back yard of a home near Dickenson and Polk was investigated by officers and a Livingston County Deputy.  A suspect was located and had warrants from Cameron.  The deputy transported the person to Cameron as Cameron would not extradite and there had been several different calls concerning the person’s activity.


7:15 pm, A panic alarm at a business summoned officers.  They checked the business and found no-one. They were called back to the business at closing to check the building again and to escort employees to their vehicles.


8:30 pm, A domestic disturbance was reported in the 600 block of Highland. The incident was verbal, and no arrests were made.  The man agreed to leave, and the officers determined the woman was intoxicated and was unable to care for two small children. A family member was contacted to care for the children.

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