Mini Grants Presented To Teachers In School District

The Chillicothe Education Association presented four mini grants Monday.

The first grant of just over $467 was presented to Margie Albertson at the Chillicothe Elementary School for Prekindergarten for developing critical thinking in young learners through inquiry.

The second was $500 to Kari Keller and Amanda Marsh at the Chillicothe High School for Life and Job Skills and the 2019 Job Olympics.

The third grant of $210 to Jenny Hughes at Grand River Technical School was for Mentoring Magic.

The fourth grant was in three parts presented at Dewy School and included:

  • $315 to Jacki Smith and Natalie Leamer for Building a Better Me.
  • $500 to Sophie Chambers, Ellen Gott and Libby How for Better Students / Better World.
  • And $500 to Brandi Fahrmeier and Ashley Hawkins for Rise & Shine / Stretch Your Mind.

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