Police Report For The Weekend

The Chillicothe Police responded to more than 110 calls for service over the weekend.  Some of the items in the reports include:


1:40 AM, Officers received a call to check the well-being of a Chillicothe resident.  They determined the person was in another jurisdiction.  The proper agency was notified.

1:45 PM, Officer conducted traffic stop in the 800 block of Green Street.  The driver was issued warning for improper registration.

5:34 PM, Officer received a report of property damage in the 1300 block of Third Street.  Investigation continues.

7:00 PM, Officer made a traffic stop in the 900 block of Bryan Street.  Driver was issued warning for defective equipment.

7:50 PM, Officers received a report of a sex offense involving a child in the 400 block of St. Louis Street. Investigation continues.


11:55 am, Officers responded to the intersection of Jackson Street and Washington in reference to a two vehicle crash. The investigation resulted in Cerrina Anders cited for following too close resulting in an accident. Both vehicles were driven from the scene.

2:40 pm, Officers received a burglary and theft report from a residence in the 300 block of Jackson Street.  Investigation is continuing.

8:40 pm, Officer recovered a vehicle bumper with a license plate attached, near Third and Washington Street.  If you have lost your front bumper and would like to get it returned, it is at the PD.

9:00 pm, Investigated what was reported as a small fire by the retaining wall at the Old Prison Site in the 1500 block of Third Street.  Officer checked the area and was unable to locate signs of a fire.

9:25 pm, Report of possible animal neglect in the 600 block of Missouri Avenue.  dog constantly barking.  Officer checked on dog and re-positioned its food and water to where it had access to it.  Unable to make contact at residence.

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