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Chillicothe’s Maasdam Finishes 3rd in Tennis Singles Division

Chillicothe’s #1 Hornets Tennis Player Tyler Maasdam finished 3rd in the #1 singles division of the 8-team Cameron Tournament. Maasdam picked up wins over Savannah 8-0 and Kirksville 8-1, lost to Trenton 8-9, and beat Maryville 8-2.

#2 Seth Bayte lost to Warrensburg 3-8, beat Trenton 8-2, and lost to Higginsville 4-8

#1 Doubles Noah Crowe and Brenden Nelson lost to Savannah 2-8 a,nd lost to Warrensburg 4-8.

#2 Doubles Grahm Mayers and Colten Johnson beat Kirksville 8-3, lost to Warrensburg 1-8, and lost to Maryville 4-8.

Trenton’s Gabe Swann won #1 singles title and their duo of Nick Shields and Creed Houghton beat a Warrensburg for the doubles championship.