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Brush Fire North Of Chillicothe

Chillicothe Fire Fighters responded to a fire that had been burning for four days on the property on LIV 222, north of Chillicothe.  The fire call came in at about 7:20 Wednesday morning and the fire crew arrived about 20 minutes later to find a large pile of trees and brush burning and some of the grass around the pile also burning.

Property Owner Dennis Savage stated the fire had been burning for four days.

The fire crew determined the pile was too large to put out the fire, so they created a fire break to reduce the chance of the fire spreading.  They also used about 200 gallons of water to dampen the soil around the fire.

Savage was advised to stay nearby in case the fire began to spread.  The fire crew was on the scene for about an hour.

The fire crew was called back to the location later in the morning.

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