Firefighters Returned To A Brush Fire and Responded To A Trash Fire

Chillicothe firefighters returned to a brush pile fire on LIV 222, north of Chillicothe at about 10:30 Wednesday morning.  The firefighters had been on the scene of the fire earlier in the morning and had advised the owner to call if the fire began to spread.  At about 10:30, they were called back to the location as the fire had rekindled and was spreading due to embers carried by the high wind.  The fire crew used about 300 gallons of water to cool the area of burning trees and to reduce the likelihood of rekindling.  The fire crew was on the scene for about 45 minutes.

At about 5:00 pm, Chillicothe firefighters responded to a report of a trash fire at 310 Edgerton Street.  They arrived in four minutes to find a small pile of yard debris and garbage burning and unattended, near several buildings.  The fire was put out and the resident was contacted and advised of multiple issues, including the burn ban, that he is not allowed to burn trash and there was no way to control or put out the fire near the fire site.  The fire crew was on the scene for about 15 minutes.

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