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Annual Chillicothe Easter Egg Hunt Starts At 10:00 am SHARP!

Chillicothe’s annual Easter Egg Hunt, one of the fastest events in the Chillicothe Parks System is Saturday morning at 10:00 am Sharp at Simpson Park.  This event is for children from 1-10 years old and the park is divided into 4 areas for four age groups (1-3 years, 4 – 5 years, 6 – 7 years, and 8 – 10 years).  A grand prize will be awarded in each age division to the child who finds the egg with “Grand Prize Winner” inside.

This event, sponsored by the Chillicothe Parks Department and the Grand River Area Family YMCA, will start at 10:00 am SHARP and it is over VERY quickly.  If you are even a little late, it may be over before you arrive.

Organizers recommend you arrived early to find the correct area of the park for your children.  Bring a basket or bag to collect the eggs and make sure you check the eggs before you leave.


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