Hornets Tennis Handles Dragons

The Chillicothe Hornets Tennis Team swept the doubles matches and won five out of six singles matches to beat Cameron 8 to 1 at home.
In doubles matches for Chillicothe: Tyler Maasdam and Noah Crowe won 8-3; Brendon Nelson and Colten Johnson won 9-7 and Seth Batye and Gavin Sampsel won 8-2.
In singles matches: Maasdam won 8-3, Crowe lost 4-8, Nelson won 8-6, Batye won 8-2, Johnson won 8-2 and Sampsel won 8-0.
In Junior Varsity doubles matches: Caleb and Spencer Corbin won 6-3, Chace Corbin and Carson Anderson won 6-4, Tucker Hathcock and Warren Meservey lost 3-6, Remington Gillespie and Ben Cueni-Smith lost 1-6 and Alex Webb and Tyler Huffman won 6-3.
In JV singles: Caleb Corbin won 6-2, Spencer Maasdam won 6-1, Chace Corbin won 6-4, Carson Anderson won 6-2, Tucker Hathcock lost 4-6 and Warren Meservey lost 3-6.
































































































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