Two Weekend Fire Reports

Chillicothe Fire Fighters responded to two fires over the weekend.

Friday at about 10:30 pm, a house fire was reported at 530 Sunset.  The Fire Department arrived in a couple of minutes and found fire coming from the eves in the rear of the house and smoke coming from the attic vents.  About 3000 gallons of water was used to put out the fire.  They determined the fire was caused by a faulty outdoor electric connection in a fixture.  The fire crew was on the scene for about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Sunday evening, Fire Fighters were called to 25 Herriman Street for a fire on the porch of an abandoned home.  The call came in about 5:10 pm and the fire department arrived in about a minute to find two people standing at the front of the house with empty buckets.  They had noticed the smoke coming from the front of the home and then saw the flames.  They had poured water on the fire.  The fire crew checked the area and finished cooling the area of the fire.  Witnesses told the firefighters there had been kids hanging around the house earlier.  The fire crew was on the scene for about 15 minutes.

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