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Weekend Enforcement At The Sheriff’s Office

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department worked a Community Traffic Safety Project over the weekend resulting in numerous citations for speeding and other violations.  Sheriff Steve Cox says deputies were working the project Friday and Sunday.

On Friday, eleven drivers were cited on US 36 for speeding and one was cited for driving while suspended or revoked.  The speed limit for US 36 is 65 miles per hour and drivers were ticketed for speeds ranging from 78 to 90 miles per hour.  The drivers were from several locations, including Michigan, Illinois, Kansas, Colorado, Columbia, St Louis, and the local area.

Sunday, there were two tickets issued for speeding on US 36, with speeds from 81 to 86 miles an hour.

Cox says they also issued numerous warning, but there were no drug arrests.  He says Zaki was called to one of the stops and he indicated on what is believed to be high-grade THC Oil.

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