CMS Track Results

The Chillicothe Middle School Track and Field teams competed in the recent Northwest Missouri Middle School Invitational.
The CMS 8th Grade Girls were 2nd, ten points behind Smithville.
Chillicothe 8th Grade Girls:
1st place: Juliann Gabrielson (hurdles)4×400 team of Kirsten Scott, Cami Carpenter, Lily Basinger, Juliann Gabrielson
2nd place Hope Helton (discus) Belle Englert (triple jump); 4×200 team of Kirsten Scott, Brianna Ritchie, Lily Basinger, Isabell Witt; 4×100 team of Kirsten Scott, Brianna Ritchie, Kirsten Dunn, Isabell Witt
3rd Place Cami Carpenter (high jump)
4th Place Bre Pithan (long jump); Belle Engert (triple jump); Isabell Witt (100m dash); Aliyah Briner (Mile run); Belle Englert (400m dash); Juliann Gabrielson (200m dash)
5th Place Trista Tipton (shot put); Bre Pithan (triple jump); Aliyah Briner (800m run)
6th Place Lily Basinger (high jump); Kirsten Dunn (triple jump)
The 7th grade Chillicothe girls also finished 2nd behind Smithville out of 9 teams.
7th Grade Girls Individual Results
1st Place Bronlyn Ward (100, 200m dash); 4×200 team of Emmy Dillon, Shelby Gaston, Alice Hurtgen, Delaney Kieffer; Madison Albaugh (800m run); 4×400 team of Kayanna Cranmer, Emmy Dillon, Delaney Kieffer, Madison Albaugh; 4×800 team of Jolie Bonderer, Shelby Gaston, Sophia Sanipoli, Sophy Ellis
2nd Place Kayanna Cranmer (long jump); 4×100 team of Madison Albaugh, Kayanna Cranmer, Izzy Garr, Bronlyn Ward; Jolie Bonderer (mile run);
3rd place Kennison Potter (high jump); Kayanna Cranmer (triple jump); Jolie Bonderer (mile run)
4th Place Izzy Garr (400m dash); Alice Hurtgen (200m dash);
5th Place Avery Baxter (shot put); Madison Albaugh (high jump); Emmy Dillon (hurdles); Blaze Corbin (400m dash)
6th Place Hadley Beemer (discus); Alice Hurtgen (triple jump)
The Chillicothe 8th grade Boys team was second with Smithville taking first.
8th Grade Boys Individual Results
1st place Cayleb Cothern (high jump); Gavin Funk (triple jump); Bryce Dominique (hurdles); 4×400 team of Porter Ficken, Ruger Cox, Sam Reeter, Isiaih Sprong
2nd Place 4x 100 team of Sam Reeter, Cayleb Cothern, Gavin Funk, Bryce Dominique
3rd Place Isiaih Sprong (discus) (high jump) (800m run); 4×200 team of Sam Reeter, Porter Ficken, Cayleb Cothern, Bryce Dominique; 4×800 team of Jackson Reeter, Ruger Cox, Cole Graham, Parker Savage
4th Place Gavin Funk (high jump); 5th Place Gavin Funk (long jump); Cayleb Cothern (100m dash)
6th Place Sam Reeter (triple jump)
The Chillicothe 7th grade Boys team was fourth behind Smithville
7th Boys Individual Results
1st Place 4×800 team of Josh Adams, Gauge Chenet, Laik Graham, Jonnie Sanchez
2nd Place Hagan Atchison (shot put)
3rd Place 4×400 team of Gauge Chenet, Alex Gamblian, Cayden Larson, James Mathew
5th Place James Mathew (discus) (hurdles); 4×200 team of Hagan Atchison, Brody Cairns, Cayden Larson, Lane Nickell

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