Chillicothe High School Awards Top $1.3 Million

The Chillicothe High School seniors gathered Friday afternoon for the presentation of $1.3 million dollars in awards and scholarships.  The annual Senior Awards Ceremony is an opportunity for the community to show these students their appreciation for the hard work they put into their education.  The total awards presented to the students this year from the LOCAL community is $235,000 and with the renewals will total $391,000.

Among the top dollar amounts presented from the local individuals, foundations and organizations are:

The Virginia Wall Scholarships of $10,000 to Cade Koehley and $7,500 to Maggie Pfaff.

The Sue Ann Opler Foundation Scholarship of $10,000 to Colten Johnson, Cade Koehly, and Catey Trout.  And $5,000 scholarships to Laney Gaston and Codey Kennebeck

The Jerry Litton Leadership Scholarships of $5,000 to Cade Koehley and $3,000 to Kaylee Lewis.

The Kenneth and Eugenia Churchill Foundation Scholarships of $7,000 to CHS Seniors Carley Beebe and Addilynn Ficken and $3,500 to GRTS Students James Fainter and Austin Brown

The Dr. William L Fair Scholarship of $4,000 each to Sarah Graves and Sara Hopper

Numerous other scholarships ranging from $250 to $2,500 and other awards were presented throughout the afternoon honoring the seniors as they wrap up their high school career and enter their next phase in life and the challenges that will bring.

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