Bids Accepted, Rejected and Not Received By The Board Of Public Works

Chillicothe Board of Public Works accepted bids, rejected bids and will need to go out for bid again on some of the items that were on their agenda Monday morning.

The Board was presented with the bids for the demolition of the old CMU Steam Plant but rejected all of the bids.  General Manager Jim Gillilan says there was confusion in the bid specs they put out to the bidders.

Gillilian says they hope to clarify the bids spec and hope to have bids ready for the board to consider in three to four weeks.

The board received no bids for the truck for the Electric Department as the manufacturers are between model years and could not bid on the vehicle.

For the Water Department, Gillilan says they had bids for three of the four items.

They also requested bids for Chlorinators and Gas Feed Equipment, but received no bids,  they will check their bid spec and make any corrections needed and go out for bid again.

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