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Livingston County Sheriff’s Report

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department report includes several incidents and arrests.

May 10th, deputies investigated littering on Liv 243. Boxes of items were left at two locations south of the animal shelter. The owner was identified and the mess is being cleaned up.  A report is also being submitted to the prosecuting attorney.

May 12th burglary and theft was investigated on Liv 304.  Several items were reported missing including riding and push lawn mowers.

May 14th an investigation of theft of a diamond ring valued around $20,000 was completed and a suspect was identified.  A report was sent to the prosecuting attorney.

May 15th, deputies assisted the Highway Patrol on a vehicle stop that resulted in the arrest of Ryan C. Wheeler for alleged Possession of Methamphetamine.


May 11th deputies arrested 19-year-old Dylan T. Couch of Milan for alleged DWI under drugs-Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

May 16th, 31-year-old Earl Michael Dinwiddie of Kentucky was arrested for alleged speeding violation and driving while suspended/revoked.

May 16th deputies arrested Joseph A. Vargas of Chillicothe on a Chillicothe Municipal Warrant for alleged Trespassing.

May 17th 39 year old Melanie Byrnes was arrested on a Livingston County warrant alleged contempt of court.

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