Livingston County Sheriff’s Arrest & Investigation Report

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department report includes a couple of arrests and several investigations.

May 18th, trespassing was reported on LIV 228.  An out of state man that had been arrested in Chillicothe earlier was at a home in the county and refused to leave.  The deputy gave the man a ride to a motel.

May 19th, property damage was reported in Chula, where someone had pulled a freezer away from a wall and cut the power cord.  That resulted in ruined meat.  A person of interest was identified.

Also on the 19th, a traffic crash at Route D and LIV 430 happened when vehicles were traveling in opposite directions and nearly collided at the crested of a hill.  One driver ran off the road to avoid the collision and caused damage to his vehicle  The other driver ran off the road and overcorrected and crossed the road but had no apparent damage.  A 25-year-old driver from Dawn was cited for Careless and Imprudent Driving.

May 20th, deputies completed a lengthy sex offense investigation.  The report states the incidents allegedly took place starting in the early 2000’s in Livingston County, Daviess County, Colorado and Utah. A suspect was identified and is speaking with an attorney. A report was sent to the Prosecuting attorney.

Arrests in the report include:
On May 22nd, deputies arrested 41-year-old Kerrie Misenko of Dawn on a warrant for alleged bond violation for an original charge of alleged possession of a controlled substance.  Bond was set at $20,000

And on the 22nd, 29-year-old Austin White of Chillicothe turned himself in on a warrant for alleged property damage.  He was processed and released.

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