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Flooding Expected To Continue Through The week On Grand River

Flooding continues for portions of the Grand River and with rain in the forecast, the river levels will rise again.

At Pattonsburg, the river is currently below flood stage but is rising faster than the forecast and could reach flood stage of 25 feet this evening, with a crest of 31.3 feet by Thursday morning.

At Gallatin, the river is below flood stage of 26 feet and is expected to rise again on Wednesday with a crest of 30.2 feet Thursday morning and flooding until Friday.

At Chillicothe, major flooding is occurring this morning, with the river at 35.03 feet.  The river will drop to about 28 feet Wednesday morning before rising to a crest of 35.6 feet on Thursday afternoon.  Flooding will continue into the weekend.

At Sumner, moderate flooding continues through the week.  The river is near the expected crest of 39.6 feet and should begin to slowly fall on Wednesday.  Flooding will continue into next week.  Flood stage at Sumner is 26 feet.

At Brunswick, moderate flooding will continue until Friday morning.  The river is expected to crest at 32.2 feet Wednesday morning before the river begins to slowly fall.  Flood Stage at Brunswick is 19 feet.

On The Thompson River at Trenton:  The river is expected to rise above flood stage of 27 feet by Wednesday morning, with a crest of 29.9 feet on Wednesday.

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