Severe Weather Possible- Shelters Available

Strong and severe storms are possible across the KCHI listing area this afternoon and into the overnight hours.  The National Weather Service says the system that will move through later today is likely to affect our area starting around 5:00 pm and continuing until about 10:00 pm as it moves across the local counties.

Strong Winds, up to 70 miles an hour are possible, we could have up to golf ball sized hail and rainfall of 1 ½ to 3 inches. The National Weather Service says tornadoes can not be ruled out as the system moves across our area.

n Chillicothe, if there are tornado warnings issued and you need a place to take shelter.  There are public shelters available at:

1st Baptist Church in Chillicothe

The Livingston County Courthouse

Chillicothe City Hall

And at the Chillicothe Fire Station.

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