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Flooded Roads In The Area

Several area roads are closed due to flooding.  The status of the roads is changing from hour to hour.  Please check the MoDOT Traveler Information Map for the latest closings.

Livingston County

US 65 South of US 36 to Route Z

Westbound US 36 west of Utica.  Traffic moved to the eastbound lanes

Missouri 190 from Thompson River Bridge to Route Y

Route Y closed at Missouri 190

MoDOT watching US 36 east and west of Chillicothe

Daviess County

US 69 from Flint Avenue to Ivory Avenue

Route T  From McFall to US 69

Grundy County

Route A from NW 22nd Ave to US 65

Route B from Spickard to Route Y

Route C from Spickard to Route A

Route E from Laredo to Route 139 in Sullivan Co.

Route N from NN to Dunlap

Route V from Missouri 6 to Laredo

Route V from Laredo to SE 60th Street

Route W from SW 27th to LIV 504 in Livingston Co.

Sullivan County

Route C from Route P to Route V

Route E from Route W to Creel Dr

Route KK  closed north of Kansas Road.

Route N from Route Y to Green City

Route O from Route U to Route OO

Route OO from Noble Road to Daisey Drive

Route PP from Berry Drive to Route E

Route T from MO 5 to Ember road

Missouri Highway 5 from Oriole Road to Milan

Route 139 from Humphreys to Route E

Linn County

Route C from Route V to Route CC

Route M from Route C to Route P

Route P From Route Y to Linneus

Route WW from Newmark Drive to the Macon Co Line

Route 139 from Brush Road to Route B

Chariton County

Route E from Rothville to Route F/JJ

Route D from Mussel Fork to Tonka

Route J from Cutoff to Namrash Road

Route KK from US 24 to Route W

MO 5 from Batts Creek Road to Route KK

US 24 from Bartz Mill Ave to Highway 5

Route 129 from Route O to Route W


Carroll County

US 65 fouth of Carrollton to the Missouri River

US 10 west of Carrollton

US 24 from Route 41 to Highway 11

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