Chillicothe Police Report For Wednesday

The Chillicothe Police Department was busy Wednesday with numerous calls for service.

12:28 am, Officers assisted Emergency Services with an alarm call at the Strand Apartments.  It was determined to be a faulty smoke detector.

7:25 am, Officers busy in Trenton with a Children’s Division Case.

12:41 pm, Officer checked on a vehicle that was occupied and sitting at a local banking facility for an extended length of time.  They were determined to be texting on their telephone.

5:06 pm, Officer recovered a bicycle that had been abandoned near JFK and 10th Street.  The bicycle was brought to the PD to be claimed by the owner.

5:35 pm, Officer spoke with individuals that were operating off-road vehicles on property that was not theirs.  They stated they would confine their riding to their own property.

9:16 pm, Report of a domestic disturbance in the 100 block of Herriford Street.   The investigation determined nothing physical and one party had left the premises before the Officer’s arrival.

10:06 pm, Officers responded to a domestic disturbance in the 300 block of East Jackson Street.  It was determined to be verbal in nature and no arrest was made.

10:53 pm, Officer checked on a vehicle and subjects at Shafer Park.  It was found that the subjects were preparing for an event.

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