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Chillicothe S.P.A. Games Results 6/3/19

Boys 10 and under League Games
Shoop Custom Solutions 7 Peery’s Tow & Repair 3
Shoop Custom Solutions:
Pitching: Bryson Shoop, Singles: Bryson Shoop, Zane Myers, Jayden Martin
Peery’s Tow & Repair:
Pitching: Brody Hollifield and Gregory Crouch. Singles: Caleb LaFever, Gabriel Hind, Brody Hollifield.

Elks 11, Wal-Mart 3
For Elks:
Pitching: Kayden Hand. Singles: Kyler Eichler, Isaac Bailey, Kayden hand
For Wal-Mart
Pitching: Lucas Chrisman and Trent Menconi, Triple: Colton Pfeifer

Peery’s Tow & Repair 12, Wal-Mart 4
For Perry’s Tow & Repair:
Pitching: Gregory Crouch. Triple: Gregory Crouch. Single: Adrain Tranthan
For Wal-mart
Pitching: Trent Menconi, Gavin gaunt, Statler Wiebers, Colton Pfeifer, Keagan Menconi. Single: Gavin Gaunt.

Boys 13 and Under League Games
Ad Zone: 17, Chillicothe Bootery 13
For Ad Zone:
Pitching: Remington Crowley and Dante Harris. Home Run: James McCoy, Double: Gabe Wedlock, Singles: Remington Crowley, Isiah Myers, James McCoy, Dante Harris, Ryan Schuler, Christian McLey and Colton Sullivan
For Chillicothe Bootery:
Pitching: Litton Gabrielson, Singles: Adan Dejesus, Morgan Orndorff, Gage VanDusen, Luke Anderson.
Roberts Tool and Die 5, Ad Zone 0
For Roberts Tool and Die:
Pitching: James Panholzer,  Singles: Gannon Moore and Quenton Greenslate
For Ad Zone:
Pitching: James McCoy
Ad Zone 17, Chillicothe Bootery 16
For Ad Zone:
Pitching: Dante Harris, Carter Rader and Trent Jacobs. Singles: Dante Harris, Gabe McCoy. For Chillicothe Bootery:
Pitching: Morgan Orndorff. Singles: Litton Gabrielson, Gage VanDusen, Luke Anderson, Parker Leakey, Jackson Cassity.

Girls 12 and Under League:
Investor’s Community Bank 8, Woody’s Automotive 3
For Investors:
Pitching: Jaiden Rodenberg.Home Run: Jaiden Rodenberg, Singles: Kylee Link, Jaiden Rodenberg with 2, Sadie Burtch with 2
For Woody’s:
Pitching: Emerie Kale, Singles: Miley Kale, Haley Smith, Tara Webb
Woody’s Automotive 9, Wal-Mart 2
For Woody’s:
Pitching: Emerie Kale Doubles: Charlie Roberts with 2, Singles: Miley Kale with 2, Aubree Chromey, Emerie Kale, Jasmine Carnes.
For Wal-Mart:
Pitching: Farrah Lauhoff and Emerson Staton, Singles Emerson Staton and Libbie Bonderer
Wal-Mart 10, Elks 2
For Wal-Mart
Pitching: Farrah Lauhoff. Triples: Kyra Slaughter, Kimberly Keith. Doubles: Kimber Woodworth and Farrah Lauhoff, Singles: Kyra Slaughter, Farrah Lauhoff with 2, Emerson Staton with 2 and Kimberly Keith.
For Elks:
Pitching: Kenzie Reynolds, Singles: Sadie Midgyett and Mady Tipton

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