Unemployment Down in KCHI Area

The latest unemployment numbers look good for Livingston and the surrounding counties.
According to the Department of Labor, State-wide unemployment numbers in Missouri for April 2019 stayed unchanged from March at 3.3%, below the national average of 3.6%.
Livingston county unemployment was the lowest in the area at 2.1% for April, down from 3.3% in March.
Caldwell County was 2.7% down from 4.0
Carroll County was also 2.7%, down from 4.1
Chariton County was 2.4%, down from 3.5%
Daviess County was 2.9% and had the biggest drop in the area, from 5%
Grundy County was 3.2% down from 4.1
Sullivan County was at 2.9%, down from 4.6

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