S.P.A. Scores from 6/13/19 games

Boys 13 and Under Games
Roberts Tool and Die over Chillicothe Bootery 15-3
For Roberts Tool and Die: Quenton Greenslate was pitching. A home run for Anthony Martin, singes for Gannon Moore, Braxton Allen and Charlie Gardner.
For Chillicothe Bootery: Morgan Orndorff was pitching. Singles for James McCoy and Gage Van Dusen.

Girls 12 and Under Games
Chillicothe Elks over Walmart 11-3
For Chillicothe Elks: Gabby Kerr, Sadie Midgyett and Alikaia Walker were pitching. Triple for Sadie Midgyett, Double for Mady Tipton, Singies for Sadie Midgyett, Kenzie Reynolds, Kami Snyder, Becky Pittman-Maupin, Gabby Kerr, Alikai Walker, Three for Charlie Van Horn and three for Mady Tipton
For Walmart: Farrah Lauhoff was pitching, singles for Kyra Slaughter, Emerson Staton, Sadie Bonderer and Libby Bonderer

Bailey Studio over Chillicothe Elks 9-5
For Bailey Studio: Cadence Judy and Bryleigh Gillespie were pitching, Double for Cadence Judy, two singles for Alyssa Munroe and Sophie Hurtgen, one for Bryleigh Gillespie, Cadence Judy and Tori Stoner.
For Chillicothe Elks: Kenzie Reynolds was pitching, Doubles for Mady Tipton and Gabby Kerr, singles for Kami Snyder, Alikai Walker, Sadie Midgyett, Charlie Van Horn and Gabby Kerr.

Woodys over Walmart 12-9
For Woodys: The pitcher was not listed. Triple for Aubree Chromey with two, DOubles Charlie Roberts with two, one for Miley Kale and Emerie Kale, Grace Mouton with three, Emerie Kale with two and AUbree Chromey, Jasmine Carnes and Miley Kane with one each.
For Walmart: Kyra Slaughter and Emerson Staton were pitching, Kyra Slaughter with a double, Singles for Emerson Staton and Sadie Bonderer with two each, Addison Jamison, Kyra Slaughter, Farrah Lauhoff, Ellie Condron and Kimber Woodworth each with one.

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