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Brookfield Construction Company Under Fire

Owners of a Brookfield company called JD Contracting, owned by Daniel Gaunt of Chillicothe, have been charged with Felony Deceptive Business Practices and Felony Stealing from the Renick R-V School District.
The company’s bid of $14,618 to complete a gymnasium project at the School was accepted by the Renick Board of Education in December. The school has an enrollment of 83 students.
The first $5,000 check was issued January 17th and Gaunt reportedly visited the school February 14th and claimed a second payment had not been received, according to a school district spokesperson. The work was not completed by the March 1st date promised by the company.
At least one Chillicothe business has expressed problems with Gaunt and his business, as have several Chillicothe residents on social media.
In a separate case, a Daniel Gaunt of Chillicothe has a probation violation hearing on June 27th in Linn County Court involving a non support excess of 12 monthly payments case.

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