Chillicothe Stop for Vet Walking Across USA

When people find something they think needs changed, some hope for change and others try to affect change.
71 year old Air Force Veteran William Shuttleworth is putting his foot forward to improve things for Vietnam Veterans. He is, in fact, putting one foot in front of another in his trek from Boston to San Francisco.
Shuttleworth was in Chillicothe Wednesday, after starting his journey north of Boston on May 15th. 1,500 miles later, he told KCHI what created this idea.

He said other big problems for veterans are what he calls “Red Tape” and “Runaround” from the Veterans Administration.
In addition to homelessness, drug issues are also important to him.

Shuttleworth commented that Vietnam Veterans came home to problems, not parades like World War II Veterans.
As for his journey so far, he said it has rained 28 of the 40 days of his journey, including two near tornado encounters.
He says he expects the 100 degree heat in the next month will be his toughest challenge.
His walk ends mid September at Vandenberg Air Force Base in San Francisco.
He expects to start on his four pairs of walking shoes on Friday when in St Joseph.
To follow his journey or to donate money to his fund, visit Vets dont forget Vets

Here is the complete interview with William Shuttleworth by KCHI’s Randy Dean

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