GaGa Ball Pit Constructed At Danner Park As Part Of Eagle Scout Project

A new feature at Danner Park will soon be available to the public.  Boy Scouts from Troop 120 in Chillicothe recently installed a GaGa Ball Pit in the park as part of Ryan Panholzer’s Eagle Scout Project.  Panholzer approached the Parks Department and the City Council about the project a year ago and received approval.  Panholzer explains how the project came about.

He says the pit has an octagon shape and is about 2-3 feet high.

The new GaGa Ball Pit is located not far from the main entrance to Danner Park, and is near the Soccer Fields.  Panholzer says the Parks Department will be killing the grass in the pit to allow the ball to bounce better. And at that point, the pit will be available to the public.  Rules and instructions are expected to be posted on the wall of the pit.

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