Livingston County Fair Results – Poultry & Breeding Swine

Livingston County Fair Results are in for the Poultry and Breeding Swine.


Rooster – Champion Overall Standard Male – Kortney Nelson

Champion Bantam – Jasper Jones

Hen – Champion Overall Standard Female – Kipton Singer

Champion Overall Drake – Kipton Singer



Champion Over Drake-Hen – Ethan Hoerr

Champion Overall Drake – Ethan Hoerr


Supreme Overall Campion Female – Kipton Singer

Supreme Overall Champion Male – Kortney Nelson


Junior Champion Showmanship – Kipton Singer

Junior Reserve Champion Showmanship – Jasper Jones

Senior Champion Showmanship – Ethan Hoerr

Senior Reserve Champion Showmanship – Rylee Meneely


Breeding Swine Boar

Champion Duroc Boar – Wade Horton

Reserve Champion Duroc Boar – Alex Heussner

Champion Spot Boar – Emily Miller

Reserve Champion Spot Boar – Calley Miller

Overall Supreme Champion Boar – Wade Horton

Overall Reserve Supreme Champion Boar – Emily Miller


Breeding Swine Gilt

Champion Berkshire – Jaiden Rodenberg

Reserve Champion Berkshire Gilt – Colby Gillespie

Champion Chester – Blane Heussner

Reserve Champion Chester Gilt – Kaylee Lewis

Champion Duroc – Remington Isaacs

Reserve Champio Duroc Gilt – Cole Gutshall

Champion Hampshire – Maci Johnson

Reserve Champion Hampshire Gilt – Jaiden Rodenberg

Champion Herford – Jaiden Rodenberg

Reserve Champion Herford Gilt – Remington Rhodes

Champion Poland Gilt – Jaiden Rodenberg

Reserve Champion Poland Gilt – Jaiden Rodenberg

Champion Spot gilt – Kaylee Lewis

Reserve Champion Spot Gilt – Kaylee Lewis

Champion York Gilt – Riggin Isaacs

Reserve Chamion York Gilt – Zach Trout

Champion Crossbred Gilt – Remington Isaacs

Reseve Champin Crossbred Gilt – Kaylee Lewis


Overall Supreme Champion Gilt – Remington Isaacs

Overall Reserve Supreme Champion Gilt – Kaylee Lewis


Junior Swine Breeding Showmanship age 8-11 – Riggin Isaacs

Intermediate Swine Breeding Showmanship age 12-15 – Remington Isaacs

Senior Swine Breeding Showmanship age 16 and over – Kaylee Lewis

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