Highway 10 Open, US 65 and Highway 41 Still Closed

Highway 10 is now open west of Carrollton, but US 65 and Route 41 to Miami remain closed.

Travelers who rely on Route 41 to Miami have been anxiously awaiting the water to go down and their route reopened. However, floodwater undermined the roadway and while the water is off the road, it will need to be repaired by a contractor before it is safe for motorists.  MoDOT says they do not have a timeline on those repairs at this time.

US 65 south of Carrollton remains closed with water over the roadway. Floodwater remains so high that damage to the road surface and the roadbed are not yet exposed and no assessments can be made. Crews continue to monitor water levels and are making repairs and clearing debris as they are able, but many parts of US 65 are still inaccessible due to high water.

MoDOT officials say, “While these prolonged closures are a burden on many, for your own safety and the safety of those who may follow you, do not move barricades.”

Barricades are in place for the protection of the motoring public.  MoDOT says once the roadway is safe for motorists, they will remove all barricades.

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