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FEMA Team Completed Livingston County Visit

Disaster Survivor Assistance Teams from the Federal Emergency Management Agency visited Livingston County this past week. During the week the Crew had been canvassing door to door in Roach Lake, within the City Limits and surrounding areas following the provided list given to them by Livingston County Emergency Management.

The crew from FEMA followed up on the areas that had visible damage and went back to see if they could find survivors, in some instances they were able to find and talk to the owners of the properties affected.

They also contacted Faith-Based Organizations, Community Based Organizations, Library and Private Businesses.  The team met some survivors in Public Spaces, including Stores and Gas Stations.  This allowed the team to close the loop before recommending the County be placed in Limited Presence.

During the time they were in Livingston County, FEMA officials made 31 Home Visits, interacted with 15 individuals and complete one additional registration.

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