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Trenton City Council Actions From Monday

Bids and airport items were approved by the Trenton City Council Monday.

The council approved the bid for hanger rental presented by David Tolen.  Tolen will pay $285 each month for the hanger space.

The council considered the hiring of an engineer as they are working towards replacement of the T-Hangers at the airport as part of their Airport Capital Improvement Plan.  The total cost of the project is $150,000, with the cost to the city of $15,000, and the remainder covered by the FAA through grants.

A $20,000 bid was approved for RICE Testing.  RICE stands for Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine, and the testing is required by the EPA for the generators at the city’s power plant to check emission.  The contract is for 5 years of testing to make sure the engines meet the EPA Air Quality Standards.


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