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Livingston County Health Center Blood Draw Clinic

A Blood Draw clinic will be held next Wednesday at the Livingston County Health Center.  The clinic includes several tests at a rate that is greatly reduced from the cost of the same tests at the physician’s office.   Ann Burchett from the Health Center says the Basic CBC/Chem Profile is $35.  Other tests available include:

Vitamin D – $15, Vitamin B12 – $15, PSA – $10, A1C – $10, TSH – $5, Lipid Panel – $5 and Hepatitis C – $20.

The Blood Draw Clinic July 31st from 7:00 to 10:00 at the Health Center.  Appointments are NOT accepted.  Burchett says many of the blood tests require fasting.

If you have questions about the blood draw clinic, call the Health Center at 646-5506

Two more Blood Draw clinics will be held this year, they are September 25th and November 20th.

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