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Chillicothe Police Report Includes A Stolen Dedication Plaque

The Chillicothe Police Department report for Thursday includes 123 calls for service.

7:15 am, Officer recovered a street sign that a subject had found in a dumpster in the 1400 block of Alexander Street.

8:49 am, Officer recovered an abandoned bicycle in the 1200 block of Alexander Street.  The owner can describe and claim the bicycle at the PD.

9:18 am, Officers responded to the 500 block of Washington Street, regarding a stolen plaque off a bench. The plaque had been placed on a bench in remembrance of Danette Rardon.  The investigation is continuing.

9:40 am, Officers checked a suspicious vehicle in the 1400 block of McVey that was possibly involved in previous theft.  Determined to be a different vehicle.

9:52 am, Officer took a report of a scam involving a victim performing survey work for a “company”, providing them with the information in return for payment by check.  Victim deposited the check into their account only to be contacted later by the bank and advised that it was a fraudulent check.

12:42 pm, Report of a dog running loose in the 500 block of Williams Street.  Officer unable to locate.

1:19 pm, Repot of drug paraphernalia having been found in a yard in the 300 block of Clay Street.  Officer recovered the items.

3:03 pm, Officers checked on a reported traffic hazard involving the traffic signals at Park Lane and Washington malfunctioning.  The lights came back on.

5:08 pm, Officer reported to the area of the 400 block of Jackson reference to a suspicious vehicle.  Officer unable to locate.

6:47 pm, Officers checked the area of the 600 block of Commercial after Chillicothe Dispatch had received a 911 call from a phone in that general area.  there was no response on the phone and search of the area showed no issues.

7:01 pm, Officer responded to a residence in the 500 block of West Mohawk at the request of a delivery driver that had been threatened by a subject that was receiving the delivery.  The delivery was ultimately made and the resident was spoken to by the Officer.

8:09 pm, Officer performed a well-being check of some residents in the 100 block of Polk Street.  Everyone was OK.

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