Tiny Houses & In-law Houses Approved In Chillicothe

The Chillicothe City Council approved the construction of Tiny Homes and “In-laws Houses” in the City limits of Chillicothe.  The ordinance presented allows for the building to be in areas zoned R2, R3 and Mixed-Use.

A Tiny House is a dwelling of 400 square feet or less, while an In-law House is 401 to 720 Square feet.  They must have a separate and enclosed bathroom, a kitchen facility, be placed on a permanent foundation, with no wheels or axels and can not be a camper or shed.  The units also have to have their own utility hook-ups.

Under the ordinance, no more than two  Tiny Houses or In-law Houses may be built on a lot in R2 Zoning and four in R3 zoning.  Mixed-Use lots can have up to 6 units.  The property owner must have at least one off-street parking space per unit.

Each unit has a maximum occupancy of 2.

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