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Livingston County Sheriff’s Department Investigations & Arrests

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department had several investigations in the month of July.

An investigation involving the recovery of a Security Video Recording system has been completed.

July 14 the deputies began an investigation into alleged Interference with Child Custody case. A report was sent to the prosecuting attorney.

July 21 an investigation of an assault began in Ludlow. One person was treated for injury and deputies arrested 29-year-old Brittany K. Lee of Ludlow for alleged assault.  She was charged with alleged Domestic Assault and released on bond.

July 21 an unattended death was investigated in the Utica area.   The man had passed away at home and the investigation shows the death was from natural causes.

July 22 a report of alleged child abuse was investigated. With assistance from the Child Advocacy Center and the case was sent to the prosecuting attorney to consider.

July 23 attempted burglary was investigated in the Avalon area. The suspect vehicle is seen pulling onto private property in the early morning hours and when approached by the owner, he left.  On the 25th Deputy Leadbetter and Zaki assisted authorities in Grundy County on an arrest.  The suspect was interviewed in Mercer County, while under arrest on a different matter.  He admitted that was his vehicle and him on the property in question. He denied planning a burglary and was cited for alleged driving without headlights, Driving While Suspended and Trespassing. The suspected passenger is wanted in another county. The investigation continues.

July 24 deputies obtained information during an investigation in Wheeling, while assisting the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, that possible methamphetamine and/or methamphetamine drug paraphernalia were inside a home. Additional investigation resulted in the seizure of narcotics equipment and a report is being submitted to the prosecuting attorney.

July 25 Deputies began an investigation of property damage and trespassing in Chula. Suspects allegedly trespassed onto private property and broke a window on a vehicle. Juveniles have been identified as persons of interest and investigation continues.

July 27 The Sheriff’s Department completed a drug investigation and seized alleged drug paraphernalia used for methamphetamine. A suspect was cited for the violation.


The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department also made several arrests in the latter part of July.  Some of the arrests include:

July 27th, 29-year-old Goldie Elizabeth Tietjens of Brunswick on a Chariton County warrant for alleged Resisting Arrest.  She was turned over to a Chariton County Deputy.

July 30th, 37-year-old Jessica Lynn Ishmael of Dawn on a Livingston County warrant for alleged Probation Violation on a DWI-Person less than 17 years of age in vehicle.  Ishmael posted $1,000 bond and was released

July 30th, 57-year-old Marie Alean Osborn-Carle was arrested on a Livingston County warrant for alleged DWI with Serious Physical Injury. Osborn-Carle was held at the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail in lieu of $15,000 bond.

July 31st, 30-year-old Ashley Dawn Brown of Ludlow surrendered on a Livingston County warrant for alleged Possession of Controlled Substance.

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