Grigsby Enters Not-Guilty Plea

A man arrested in Chula this week has entered a not-guilty plea in Livingston County Court, presided by Judge Leamer.
According to on-line court documents, 32 year old Todd Grigsby entered a plea of not guilty on the unlawful use of a weapon, resisting arrest, detention or stop by fleeing, creating a substantial risk of serious physical injury or death to any person and possession of a controlled substance except 35 grams or less of marijuana or synthetic cannabinoid.
Grigsby, resident of New Cambria, was arrested earlier this week by the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department in Chula after he allegedly was acting in a threatening manor and was armed with two large knives.
Grigsby then allegedly fled into a home, still armed, and refused to comply after being told he was under arrest. He was eventually taken into custody with out incident.
Grigsby’s next court appearance is scheduled for August 21st at 9:00am for bond hearing.

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