Help for Post Spring Storm Stress

While the spring storms and flooding are long gone, the clean up and stress for some residents still remains.
The State of Missouri has received federal funding for a program that provides counseling for residents feeling stressed or overwhelmed because of the storms and flooding that occurred between April 29th to July 5th.
The Show Me Hope program is open to individuals and families who live in the counties designated for Federal Disaster. In the KCHI area that includes Livingston, Carroll and Chariton counties.
Crisis counselors are available to connect residents with local mental health resources. All counseling provided is free and confidential.
You can contact the Show Me Hope provider designated for your county.
In Livingston County, the Department of Mental Health at 573-751-3070
In Carroll and Chariton Counties contact Matt Lemmon at Burrell Behavioral Health at 417-761-5898.

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