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Sheriff’s Office Releases Information On Drug Investigations

Two drug investigations by the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department continue, but Sheriff Steve Cox released some information on the incidents.

August 15th Deputies followed up on a criminal drug distribution investigation where a person was reportedly distributing methamphetamine from the place of their employment.   The investigation lead to seizure of alleged used methamphetamine drug paraphernalia and other items. A summons was issued for the drug paraphernalia and information was forwarded to the prosecuting attorney.

August 16th, a traffic stop for an equipment violation lead to the seizing of several alleged controlled prescription medications in a bag commonly used in distribution and the arrest of two Grundy County residents. Sheriff Cox says the pills were seized from a purse and the purse owner was detained. At that time the male driver said the pills were his and then became uncooperative. Both were taken into custody, processed and released pending Court appearances.


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