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NRCS Announces $5 Million For East Locust Creek Reservoir Project

Five Million Dollars for design and construction of the East Locust Creek Reservoir was announced Friday morning in Milan.

NRCS State Conservationist, J.R. Flores joined Senator Roy Blunt for the announcement.  The ELCR is the largest reservoir ever sponsored by the NRCS and is 6.5 miles long, with 82 miles of shoreline and designed provide 7 million gallons a day of water to 10 counties.  The North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission will own the public water supply reservoir that will also provide recreational and flood control benefits.

Brad Scott, General Manager of the NCMRWC stated, “Without Senator Blunt, this project would have died on the vine for lack of funding.”  Scott added We are so grateful for J.R. Flores’  announcement and the guidance, support and course corrections they have provided.

To date, the ELCR project has spent or has programmed to spend approximately $17 million in local funds, $7 million in state funds and $65 million in federal funds.

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