Despite Wetland Flooding, Fountain Grove Should Offer Good Waterfowl Hunting

Despite Flood damage at some conservation areas, there will still be plenty of waterfowl hunting opportunities this fall and winter.  The Missouri Department of Conservation says in Livingston and Linn Counties, the east pools of the Fountain Grove conservation areas should offer normal hunting conditions if the weather cooperates.

Moist-soil plant production has been good this summer at the Fountain Grove Conservation Area in Livingston and Linn Counties. Those wetland plants provide food and cover for migrating waterfowl. No production corn or soybeans were planted in wetland units this year. But food plots were planted in wetland complexes on the area’s east and west sides.

Water will only be pumped into the area’s east-side wetland complex. The scheduled construction of a new pump station and drainage system will prevent pumping water this autumn for the west-side wetlands and pools. However, water from rainfall or Parson Creek rises will be held in pools if possible.

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