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Micro-Surfacing On US 65 In Chillicothe Begins

Micro-surfacing of US 65, Washington Street, through Chillicothe began Wednesday night.  Crews worked on the outer two lanes north of Park Lane.

MoDOT contractor, Missouri Petroleum, says this is the second stage of the resurfacing.  The project began more than a month ago with the scrub seal.   The micro-surfacing ads about 3/8th of an inch of asphalt to the road to help slow deterioration of the pavement, fill some ruts and minor surface irregularities, reduce water getting into the pavement, and improve surface friction.

Work on the micro-surfacing will continue from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am as weather permits.  Missouri Petroleum says work on Washington Street through Chillicothe could take up to 6 nights to complete and they will work weekend nights if necessary.

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