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Maryville downs Hornets Football

Maryville scored on their first two drives and went on to a 49-12 win at Chillicothe.
The Spoofhounds scored on a 52 yard run, a 15 yard pass play and a 58 yard run all in the first quarter.
A 3 yard run with 14 seconds left in the half gave them a 27-0 lead at intermission.
In a wild start to the second half, a Maryville kick off landed at the one yard line. Chillicothe failed to recover it, giving Maryville a first and goal at the one yard line.
On the ensuing kick off, Chillicothe’s Isaak Rasche went the distance for a kick off return touchdown .
Maryville scored had pass plays in the second half for a 49-6 score.
Chillicothe Jaden Winder finished off the scoring in the fourth quarter with a 14 yard touchdown run for the final score.
Both teams are now 2-1 on the season. Chillicothe travels to Cameron next Friday.

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