Drug and Alcohol Incidents

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department reported five recent incidents involving possible drugs and or alcohol.

On September 7th, deputies investigated a call of a possible intoxicated driver on US 36.  A deputy located and stopped the vehicle at the south end of Chillicothe.  The stop was for alleged speeding.  Further investigation resulted in the arrest of 37-year-old Michelle Lee Alterauge of Excelsior Springs for alleged DWI, Driving While Suspended and Excessive Speed. Alterauge was processed and released.

September 8th, an investigation of alleged stealing a controlled substance from a local care facility by an employee. A deputy located the suspect in a vehicle off the roadway near Utica on US 36 and the person had allegedly worked at the care facility the previous night. During this time the facility became concerned they were missing 2 scheduled prescription medications that had been secured at the facility. As a result, deputies arrested 53-year-old Phillip Brent Bruce of Kingston on a Livingston County warrant being issued for alleged two counts of Stealing a Controlled Substance. Bruce eventually posted bond and was released.

September 13th, in the early morning hours, a deputy checked an adult sitting by a locked car along a gravel road in the northwest part of the County. The person claimed to have been rock hunting when it was daylight and had locked themselves out of their vehicle. The report states they had unusual items with them that could have been used to ingest drugs.  The suspect reported they had taken these items with them while rock hunting. The crime lab will determine if anything illegal is present. No arrest made.

September 14th about 10:30 pm, Deputy Williams checked a vehicle on US 36 at 113 miles per hour in a 65 zone.  Further investigation resulted in the arrest of 21-year-old Jacob E. Denton of Chillicothe for alleged DWI and Excessive Speed.  Denton was processed and released.

September 17th, Detective Ford came on duty at 7:00 am and while headed out of Chillicothe for work purpose, when he observed a vehicle allegedly committing multiple traffic offenses including speeding. Once the vehicle stopped at South and Samuel streets, the investigation quickly turned to alleged DWI under Drugs. Thirty-four-year-old Delfred Ashbaker of Bucklin was arrested for alleged DWI under Drugs and other traffic offenses.  Ashbaker was processed and released to a responsible person.

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