Rainfall Totals Show Wet Year – Not A Record… YET!

With the weekend rainfall total of just under 3 inches, Chillicothe has topped the 40-inch mark for the year.  From January 1st to now, Chillicothe has received 40.09 inches of rain at the official National Weather Service site at the Litton Ag Center.  That is 10.27 inches above normal for the year.  The record for that site is 52.49 inches in 2009.  Records go back to 1998 when the weather site was established.

The rainiest month so far was May.  Chillicothe received 12.55 inches – 7.43 inches above normal for the month.  August was the second wettest month, with 8.55 inches – 4.34 inches above normal.

We did have two months that were below normal for rainfall.  April we had 2.59 inches – .98 below normal and in June the rainfall total was .07 inches – 5.03 below normal.

So far in September, we have received 4.43 inches of rain – 1.47 above normal.  There is still a week remaining in September and there is rain in the forecast, so we could still see the monthly total climb.


Rainfall Totals for 1998 – September 2019

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