Harvest Season – Use Caution Around Equipment

The harvest season has begun and you will be seeing slow-moving farm vehicles on the road.  Those vehicles will range from combines to tractors and trucks to hall the grains.  The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety reminds motorists they need to take care when driving around that machinery as the drivers may not be able to always see you.  Some things to remember include:

  • Be mindful that it’s harvest season and keep an eye out for machinery.
  • Be patient and remember that farmers are just doing their jobs.
  • Loads on farm vehicles may be wider than other vehicles, which present unique conditions for other motorists.
  • Always pass on the left and only when you have clear sight distance.
  • Always wear your seat belt.  It’s your best defense in any traffic crash.
  • Keep your full attention on the road and put your cell phone down.

If you are passing, make that pass quickly but legally.  Whenever possible try to make eye contact with the driver of the equipment so you know they see you.

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