Livingston Co. Sheriff’s Report For Late September

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department responded to several incidents and made a few arrests in the latter part of September.

On the 22nd, Deputies responded to a domestic disturbance at Indian Creek Lake.  A mother and adult daughter were having a disagreement. The Conservation Agent arrived and wrote one of the people a ticket for fishing without a license.

On the 25th, a deputy checked on two people down in a ditch near Dawn. A woman allegedly littered and left items there which turned out to be marijuana and drug paraphernalia. She is on probation or parole for a drug violation.  She was cited for the violations.

On the 26th. Deputies responded to an urgent call for help in Lock Springs at the request of the Daviess County Sheriff. A person was allegedly waving a knife around at a business there and acting extremely strange. Deputies assisted and took custody of the person on a court order.  They were transported elsewhere under the court order.

Most Wanted Arrest:

September 27th, The Macon County Sheriff arrested 39-year-old Jeremiah W. Johnson on Livingston County warrant for alleged Non-Support – Total Arrears in Excess of 12 Monthly Payments.

Other Arrests:

September 23rd  Deputies arrested 61-year-old Ronald Edward Morris of Chillicothe on a warrant for alleged DWI-Aggravated Offender. He posted band and was released.

September 23rd, Deputies arrested 20-year-old Dallas Austin Arnold of Wheeling on Livingston County warrant for alleged Violation of Bond Conditions.  He was taken to the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail with new bond set at $50,000 cash.

September 24th. Deputies arrested 21-year-old Jesse Allen Brock of Rothville after surrendering himself on a Daviess County warrant for alleged property damage. He was taken to the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail.

September 24th, deputies arrested 20-year-old Cashus Wayne Weese of Chillicothe on a warrant for alleged Excessive Speed. He posted the $230 cash bond and was released with a new court date.

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