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Sheriff’s Department Investigations & Arrests

The Livingston County Sheriff, Steve Cox, reported several incidents and arrests in the past few weeks.

Incident Reports:

October 6th, deputies began an investigation of property damage to a home in Utica. The victim reported allowing a couple of people to stay in the home while the owner was away. They returned to find some of the home interior and furniture painted in graffiti. The suspects reportedly told the owner they were using drugs and caused the damage.

A lengthy investigation of suspected child abuse/neglect from July was completed and a report was submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration of charges against a woman. Additional charges will be considered for potential tampering with a victim and hindering prosecution.  The children remain in a safe place.

October 7th, deputies began an investigation of burglary and property damage to a home in the 16000 block of LIV 232. An unknown tool was used to pry on a screen/window to open the window. Investigation continues.


September 30th, 46-year-old Travis Dawane Moritz of Chillicothe was arrested on a Livingston County warrant for alleged Failure to Obey a Judge’s Order.  Moritz posted bond and was released.

September 30th, deputies arrested 46-year-old Jermaine Hannah of Chicago, Illinois for alleged 90 in a 65 and Driving While Revoked/Suspended. He was processed and released.

October 2nd, 33-year-old Amber Dawn Montgomery of Chillicothe surrendered on a warrant for alleged Abuse-Neglect of a Child and Endangering the Welfare of a Child – Creating Substantial Risk.  She was processed and released on bond.  And 37-year-old Eric W. Suddith of Chillicothe surrendered on a warrant for alleged Enticement or Attempted Enticement of a Child, Abuse or Neglect of a Child, Harassment and assault.  He was processed and released on bond.

October 7th, deputies investigated a report of a firearm discharged in Wheeling. A man was found hiding in a shed behind the home.  They arrested 21-year-old Joseph A. Vargas on a Missouri Parole warrant.  He was held pending his return to prison.

October 8th, deputies took 42-year-old Miguel A. Torres into custody pending a court appearance for alleged Making a False Report, Damage to Jail/Jail Property and Possession or Delivery of Weapon at a County or Private Jail.  He was held with bond set at $85,000.

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