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Singleton Wins BIG On “The Price IS Right!”

Clint Singleton of Chillicothe was the big winner on today’s (Friday’s) episode of “The Price Is Right!”  Singleton was selected early to be one of those to win a chance to be on stage.  He got his chance in the second half of the show and played the Big Squeeze, where he won a trip to the Virgin Islands.

On the Big Wheel, his spin totaled 95 cents and was enough to get him into the Showcase Showdown.  He was bidding on an “Around The World Trip” that included Costa Rica, Iceland, and Thailand.  He bid $21,000 and was under the price by about $825, much less than his opponent.

He says he will be doing some traveling.

As this is “Big Money Week”, Singleton also won the cash jackpot of $52,956.  His total winnings are $82,396.

He says after the show, they meet with you to take care of the taxes, and the cash prize helped him.

The show was, of course, recorded earlier and Singleton had to keep that secret for nearly a month and a half.  He says that was tough.

He watched the show with family members.


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